Taking a Break from it All

Submitted by Miss Danielle on Thu, 09/25/2008 - 11:37am.

Hey there folks. I haven't posted in a while for a few reasons. Sometimes I just need a break from talking about food intolerances. We have to deal with it everyday of our lives, as most of you know, and I just wanted to spend my summer on an intolerance vacation.

As well, there really hasn't been anything terribly exciting to report. Personally, I switched my enzymes to another type made by the same company and they hardly help me at all, compared to what I was taking. Just goes to show that you need to choose carefully which enzymes to try, and just because some don't work, it doesn't mean that all of them won't (as well, it shows that just because some work, not all of them do!).

That's all for now.


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