Social Situations Hard for People With Intolerances

Submitted by Miss Danielle on Mon, 06/27/2005 - 11:46am.

Most of you have been in a similar situation. Here's my most recent.

I've just recently gotten a new job. I went in for orientation on a day where staff and students prepared food for a potluck. I brought something as well (wanting to make a good impression and all). I placed my dish on the table and backed away from the sea of breaded goodies and desserts, not tempted in the least.

My new boss came over and said that I should eat something. I politely declined, saying I wasn't hungry. Again, she approached me and asked me to help myself. I restated that I really didn't want to eat anything, but thank you. The third time she approached me I finally said "I have many food intolerances and I can't eat any of these dishes". Her response was "You have to eat something or else some of the students will be offended".

If it wasn't my first day, I would have easily stood my ground. I was dumbfounded by her insisting that I eat regardless that it would make me sick. I've only been in the place for 20 minutes at this point.

There literally was nothing that was even "somewhat" ok for me to eat. I grit my teeth and chose 3 different things, eating them reluctantly. Later on, the woman was curious as to why I had a migraine.

What is it with people?


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