My Recumbent Exercise Bike

Submitted by Miss Danielle on Thu, 01/17/2008 - 8:40pm.

With joint pains and a bad back, it's a challenge to find exercise methods that are effective yet not overwhelming. I've done a Bollywood dance class for a semester (great for the first 40 minutes, but too much after that), and looked into joining a gym. Truth is, I would find too many reasons not to go to a gym (including the insane fees they charge). So after some research, I chose a recumbent bicycle.

A recumbent bike has many advantages over other pieces of exercise equipment.

  1. A recumbent exercise bike offers great support for the lower back and lumbar region.
  2. The seat is more comfortable than a regular bike seat, and even though you're sitting back on your tushy, that's one of the areas being targeted.
  3. It's gentler on your knees.
  4. Most come with preprogrammed ride programs and options to tailor it to your size and age.

Having it in the house (set up so that I can watch dvds as I push through the 30 minute workout) has been great. It works me hard enough for a "good sweat", but not so hard that I dread doing it again. So far, I've used it every other day for the past month, and I still really like it (though I would prefer if we could lose weight by eating cheesies and sitting on the couch). The best part is it doesn't make my energy level bottom out or cause a total crash the next day. So all my fibro friends out there, this might be something for you to look into.


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