Experimenting with Enzymes: Battling Bloat - Week Three

Submitted by Miss Danielle on Thu, 04/10/2008 - 8:31am.

I've waited to post about this because I wanted an accurate account to report. For the last 3 weeks, I've incorporated digestive enzymes into my routine. Before I talk about it, let me preface the story with a little history.

I've tried various teas, peppermint extracts, bromelain and papaya capsules, grapefruit seed extract and a few other little tinctures in the past, all of which produced little if any results. Certainly nothing to report on. So when I entered into this experiment, I did so skeptically.

Facts about my experiment:

  • I've used a multi-purpose enzyme product
  • I've taken them with meals only (not therapeutically between meals)
  • I chose one that is high in types of Amylase (and specifically, higher levels of cellulase than most multi-purpose enzymes seem to be). I tend to get the most discomfort from starch so it made sense to choose that.
  • Comparatively speaking, it's not the highest dose per pill out there..in fact, it's on the med/low side. But it had a good balance of what I was looking for
  • It has no fillers
  • It is a vegetable based capsule


I went in thinking that if I didn't see a difference within the first few days, then it was going to be a total bust. I was looking specifically for how I felt after meals. If enzymes are a missing component for me, it should make at least a little difference when I take them with food.

By the second day, I noticed a huge difference. Not a little difference. And this is not hyperbole. A huge difference. Right off the top, bloating and gas were significantly reduced. Between 75-90% depending on the meal.

I kid you not. 75-90%.

And because my intestines weren't twisted with gas, I had no cramping.

*cue heavenly shaft of light and angels singing*

What else did I notice? Bowel movements were better as well. More...*searches for the word*...contained? formed? And there were even a couple of days where I had more than one bowel movement (which may not seem like a big deal to some, but for a person who usually goes once a day or even once every two days, this was miraculous).

So where's the Achilles heel? Stress and going off the diet. Halfway through the 3 weeks, I was drowned in stress. I ate bad foods (think 'pizza pocket'). Results were reduced to 30 - 50%. Enzymes don't help with stress, and as most of you know, that's what makes us really sick. And despite what some manufacturers would have you believe, enzymes are not a replacement for a strict diet.

But hey, if it continues to help me along with smart food choices, I'm game. There's nothing worse than eating right and STILL feeling sick.

As a final note, I should mention that I had read vegetable based capsules take longer to digest, so you should take them before the meal. One article suggested 30 mins, but I have found that 10-15 minutes is good. And even if I take it while eating, there is still some improvement, just not as much.

I will continue on using this, and will be incorporating a protease blend in addition to my multi-enzyme pills. Will let you know how that turns out.

Oh, and you might be wondering why I don't post the name of the products I chose. Simple: since everyone is different, this means that everyone needs different compounds of enzymes. I want anyone interested in trying enzymes to do some research and talk to people in order to get the product that best suits their needs. This way, if the product doesn't work, it is more likely because you don't need digestive enzymes (instead of it being that you were taking the wrong ones).


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