The Colonoscopy, Part Two

Submitted by Miss Danielle on Sun, 05/23/2010 - 6:31pm.

I think people will forgive the fact that I didn't rush back to finish part two of this story. I mean, it isn't exactly the most fun topic, is it? And really, the most important part was the cleanse, because really, the procedure was a breeze.

Arrived at the clinic. They did a few heart tests on me (to make sure I was ok to be put under), and then I was brought up to the recovery room.

I sat with the uncomfortable IV needle in my hand, waiting for my turn. Across the way were people resting after the procedure. Some were out for over a half hour. Others were awake, but extremely groggy, and talking nonsense. Others were distressed in their grogginess.

The only humorous part was that everyone was being encouraged to fart - freely and often.

The wait for my turn was so long, and I was so exhausted from the cleanse, that I succumbed to the stress of it all and got teary. When they wheeled me into the room, I explained I was nervous but mainly overtired. They were all lovely, reassuring me it would all go well.

There were 3 people in the room: a female nurse, the anaesthesiologist, and the doctor. The doctor doing the procedure asked me a few questions about my medical history, and suggested I also have an endoscope done since I was having upper abdominal swelling and discomfort as well. I whole heartedly agreed, thankful to have it all done in one shot (not wanting to go through the cleanse again).

They attached the drugs to my IV, explained there would be some burning, and asked me to count backwards from 100. They were right about the burning. For a second, there was an intense heat and heaviness in my hand, and I struggled to calmly say "99".

The good news was, I was out before 98. I think it was the exhaustion.

My experience may not be your experience. My mother was awake for most of hers. They finally doped her up more when she started to get uncomfortable.

When I woke up, it wasn't a long groggy process. PING! My eyes flew open and I was fully awake. No pain. No fuzziness. I got dressed, thanked the nurse, and headed home (was picked up of course. You have to have someone come get you).

Now if you have a semi-normal bowel system, you might be right back to normal the next day or the day after. These are the stories I heard from others.

But if you have some serious digestive problems, you might have some cramping the next few days. You'll probably know what to expect depending on your cleanse experience, because I think it was the cleanse - not the procedure - that caused my cramping for the next week.

When I talked to my brother who has Crohns, he said he's the same way afterwards, and the smart thing is to eat easily digested foods (similar to the liquid diet) for a few days. I didn't do that. I was so exhausted, and my partner wasn't around to cook or shop, that I ate whatever could be delivered to my house.

That's my adventure. The results? "All clear. You have severe IBS, but we don't see anything else".

I suppose I should be thankful they didn't find anything, but they also didn't offer any solutions (besides a medication I hadn't tried. Which didn't help).

My other specialist thinks it's adenomyosis that's causing the cramping, and escalating the IBS. That's a story for another time.


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