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My Most Recent Frustration with Seeking Medical Assistance

Submitted by Miss Danielle on Thu, 05/26/2005 - 8:02am.

I have to have a bone scan done before I can move forward with any diagnosis or see another specialist. My doctor gave me the requisition so that I could book the appointment locally (he is actually located an hour and a half away. 'Have decent doctor, will travel').

I looked in the phone book as instructed to find a lab that does nuclear medicine procedures. None of the places stated they had this in their write-up, but the one place I've gone to in the past have a staff I like so I call them to ask.


Between a Rock and a Hard Place (or "a Prescription and Natural Medicine")

Submitted by Miss Danielle on Sun, 05/22/2005 - 9:53am.

Where do you turn?

Here's the reality on both sides that you might encounter.


-doctors treat symptoms, and unfortunately, many dismiss illness when they don't find the answer after an initial round of testing. Luckily, my doctor is one who likes to explore different possibilities, but the specialists I have seen in my lifetime are rigid and dismissive in their diagnosis.

-some doctors aren't interested in looking at your entire medical history. It's as if you are wasting their time by bringing something up that may be related or happened years earlier.


If You Can't Get Diagnosed for Candida, Should You Still Follow the Diet?

Submitted by Miss Danielle on Sun, 05/15/2005 - 8:35am.

If You Don't Have Candida, But Still Suspect Food Might Trigger Your Symptoms, Can The Diet Help?

On another message board, someone asked if anyone has had candida tests come back negative and what they did: did they get a second opinion, try the diet anyway, or just skip it all together. This was my reply. I think it's worth a blog entry:


Forget the cure, I'd just love a proper diagnosis

Submitted by Miss Danielle on Fri, 05/06/2005 - 11:25pm.

I've spent my life dealing with different ailments. Joint pain, fatigue, constipation, bloating, tendonitis, whatever.

I've had many tests done, and I always come back borderline or "perfectly fine". The thyroid is low, but not low enough. Joint pain, but nothing that reads on scans or xrays. "Maybe sacroilitis, but it's very improbable". And when I was a child "It sounds like arthritis, but the odds of someone so young having it is very unlikely".


Things My Doctor Said That Makes Me Like Him

Submitted by Miss Danielle on Sat, 04/30/2005 - 8:46pm.

Generally speaking, I dislike doctors. I have a past experience with them that would dictate such a distaste. But today my doctor, whom I like more and more with each year I visit him, said things that made me appreciate him despite this prejudice.

(I'm quoting as closely as I can from what he said to me):

1. When asked about information found online about a particular prescription medication: