Always Question Your Health Practitioner

Submitted by Miss Danielle on Mon, 05/21/2007 - 8:17pm.

I've made some comments in the past on my blogs that talks about how some "health practitioners" are, unfortunately, snake oil salesmen. Here's a post from the old forum that illustrates this.

First Post:

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to find out what kind of anti-fungals and suppliments other people are taking. I have been taking alcohol based remedies to deal with my cadidiasis for the past 3 months. I've questioned my holistic practitioner about the fact that they have an alcohol base and she dismissed my query saying that they are widely prescribed for the condition and that there is only a small % of alcohol in them. This didn't sit well with me, after all, alcohol is on the "no" list.

This is a list of what I've been taking, some are anti-fungals, some are supportive of my immune system, they are all in an alcohol base:




Adrenal Liqesence

Blood Liquesence

Cognitive Liquesent


And a specially mixed Bach Flower remedy (suspended in brandy!!!!)

What do you guys think of this? There is so much conflicting information out there. I know that diet is the main way of handling this, and to be honest, I would chalk most of my progress up to diet, and I do think the remedies listed above have helped too, but i'm not sure how much and they are very expensive. Also, I'm more of an occassional drinker and it seems wrong to be ingesting more alcohol in a month that I usually did before I got sick!! My progress has been slow, but my holistic says its not because of the alcohol in the drops, I'm not so sure.

Sharon C

Second Post

Submitted by Sharon C on Fri, 10/27/2006 - 10:48am.

If you've read my other post you'll know that my holistic practitioner is prescibing alcohol based suppliments for my cadidiasis.

Last week I walked into a heath food store to discover this same holistic practitioner holding a clipboard as she spoke to the manager of the store about their next order of suppliements from company X. I was shocked to see that she was working for the suppliment company, I had been ordering from this company on her say-so for the last 3 months! She had never once mentioned that she had any connection with the company, just saying that X company makes these suppliments. She told me I could search for the suppliments in health food stores . . . or I could place my order over the phone and the whole lot would be deliver directly to my door saving me the bother of searching the shelves. Of course thats what I did.

I already had questions about the alcohol based drops, but now I have doubts about her advice as a professional altogether. Especially as she dismissed my inquiry about alternative remedies. I feel really let down, I thought I was getting impartial advice. This has cost me quiet a bit of money and may possibly have slowed my progress.

I have the number of another practitioner that I hope to visit. I will begin by asking her if she has any affiliations to companies or products that she recommends.

I would say beware of anyone pushing you in the direction of a certain product, especially if they are reluctant to talk about alternatives.

Take care,

Sharon C