Acid - Alkali

Submitted by Miss Danielle on Mon, 05/21/2007 - 8:08pm.

I'd asked a question on a site:"Any opinions on pH levels, testing procedures, natural products that help promote an alkaline system?" - Dan the Avenger

Here was the response I got:

The first thing is that there is no perfect state with respect to pH levels. Low levels (acidic) can be OK; high levels (alkali) can be OK. The second thing is that doping the body to maneuver these levels with "products" is exploitative on the part of product sellers and counter-productive for the consumer.

That being said, we take great delight in teaching people how to achieve an optimal pH where their body may once again be restored to the upward spiral of health.

Most city-dwelling North Americans will be acidic. That is to say their urine will test as less than 5.5pH. We teach people how to achieve a 7.5pH result (the upward spiral point) through wise and balanced food choices.

It is easy to force the urine to this point by taking products (ex calcium) or practicing unhealthy procedures. This achieves nothing positive other than to enrich the marketer of such things. The potential for negative, especially in the long term, is very real.

Balancing pH is the basis of "food combining". The fadism of food combining has evolved it into something much more complicated than is necessary ... again, enter marketing.

I have an article on restoring health which discusses food combining a bit.

You can test your urine very easiliy by peeing on a bit of pH paper which any drugstore can get (or has) for you. Get one which covers a range of 5 - 8 pH. They are cheap.

The urine test is very accurate except for perhaps first thing in the morning. A saliva test is, well, practically useless. Food and drink hang around too long in the mouth and commensal populations can vary dramatically. You can track both urine and saliva in parallel and the results will vary with the erroneous values from the saliva.

What makes you alkali? Raw food.

What makes you acid? Cooked and manufactured foods, all sugars.

How to become alkali? Eat more raw than cooked. Volume of food is irrelevent.