The Diet: Phase 3

So you've been on the diet a few months. You have a good idea what foods are good and what foods are bad. But how long is long enough?

I can't answer that. No one can for sure. Some say 3 to 6 months. Some say a year. Some say 2 years.

You will be the best judge of that. If you've been without any bad symptoms for let's say, a full month, it may be time to try and experiment with "no no" foods. I'm not saying all at once and all the time, but test out how you react to a small bowl of wheat, or wheat-free tamari sauce, or organic blue corn chips (yum), or whatever else you've seen and have been curious about.

When you try it, make sure you are only eating your friendly foods plus that one new food. Eat the food in small portions throughout the day. Watch how your body reacts over that time, and at least for 2 days afterwards. If you are ok, then cautiously put it back in your diet.

If you DON'T have a good reaction, don't introduce anything else that's new until your system is back to normal.

The reality is, you will have to watch what you eat for the rest of your life. Even if you get to the point where you can eat 2 pieces of pizza and not even blink, trust me when I tell you that it doesn't mean you can eat pizza all the time now (I know. I've been there).

Everything in moderation.

You don't want to start back at square one (like me), do you?