The Creation of CantEatIt: Why Build a Website?

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In the Beginning
In Sickness and In Health...and In Sickness Again
Oh Internet...How You Disappoint Me

In the Beginning...

When I first became seriously ill will CRC symptoms, I was trying to explain to a good friend of mine what was wrong with me. I'd just finished telling her all the foods that I wasn't allowed to eat, and in her reply she struggled with the name of the condition.

"What's this thing called again? Can...Candidat? Candeatit? Canteetit? Can't eat it! That's what this should be called."

We laughed pretty hard, but she was right. I can't think of a better name that describes my condition. What do I suffer from?


I hardly knew anything about it, except for the information I got from one book that I had dog-eared to death. I didn't know anyone else who had it. To make it worse, doctors didn't believe in it. All I had was some printed pages of information, limited recipes, and a diet that seemed cruel.

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In Sickness and In Health...and In Sickness Again

As evil and difficult as the diet seemed, it worked. Just a diet. Within two weeks, I felt better. After four months, I was the healthiest I had ever been in my entire life. And I was well (minus the occasional bad day) for a solid three years after that.

Until I started eating all the foods that had gotten me sick in the first place.

I'd forgotten that Can't-eat-it turns into Can-sometimes-eat-it, and not Hey-I-feel-so-good-I-can-always-eat-it. That's just not how the diet works. It's a lifestyle change, not a short-term fix. And no drug or supplement will change that, no matter how much it claims to help. You can read more about my thoughts on medicine and such later on.

Sick again, I came back to the diet and the added bonus of having an internet connection. SO much information is on the web, and there are forums out there where people who are like me (Yes! There ARE other people like me!) get together and discuss this condition. I was so ecstatic and ready to fight the new fight.

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Oh Internet...How You Disappoint me

My joy started to fade a little over time. Though the internet provided a lot of information, it all conflicted with each other. The information also came from people who were selling products, services or books. All of these hidden agendas, making me distrustful and question the credibility of their claims.

Forums were filled with people taking a ridiculous amount of natural medicines and products at one time, who were having terrible symptoms from it. Sometimes for MONTHS straight, and they still didn't stop to think maybe it was these items that were making them worse. The diet seemed like an afterthought, when it should have been more of a focus on a balanced plan.

One of the worst stories I can tell happened on a board where someone had finally found a product that caused no side effects and had been bringing her back to a healthy state after months of searching. She wanted to share the news with people. The moderator told her to get off the product because it was bad no matter what she's experiencing, and then conveniently suggested she switch to a product they sold on the website! She did switch because all the other posters followed the moderator, and she lost the progress she had made. OUTRAGEOUS!

My biggest let down was when I saw sites with links to recipes. Great, I thought, I can see what other people have come up with. What I found were ingredients I couldn't eat. None of this helped with either the elimination diet or the later version of the diet.

Speaking of diet, some of the diets online were outrageously lax in an attempt to get more people to follow them. That's fine to get more people eating healthy, but it doesn't do me any good if I'm still eating foods I shouldn't.

Finally, there weren't many resources for Canadians online. Or they WERE online, but you had to really look for stuff. This will explain why a lot of my links are Canadian based.

I'd had enough. I accepted Be Circle's offer to make me a website. And here it is.

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