Rotating Your Diet

It is also suggested that you try to rotate your diet so that you eat a certain food only once every 4 days. The reason why they want you to do this is so that you can wait and see how your body reacts to the food. Sometimes it takes up to 2 days for your body to have a bad reaction to something you ate (I've even read that it can take up to 4). If you keep track of what you are eating, it will help you to pinpoint what it was that made you sick.

As well, you want to make sure you are having different foods everyday so that your body does not develop an intolerance to them.

This is by no means easy to do the first time around. I hated it. It was hard enough trying to limit my food without having to rotate them every 4 days. In fact, they suggest you rotate the FAMILIES of vegetables (like the nightshades, mustard seed, lily, etc). Do the best that you can. Even if you can rotate it at least every second day, that's better than nothing.