First, Some Guidelines

Here are some guidelines when trying out probiotics and antifungals:

1) Don't over do it.
2) Don't take five things at once.
3) Be wary of promises.
4) Introduce things slowly.
5) Do your research.
6) Talk to a professional.
7) Don't use it for too long.
8) Read the label.
9) Remember everyone is different.


Don't Over Do It

This is the most common thing I've seen people do, and they get so sick from it. Of course, they think they are getting better because they've heard that symptoms of "die-off" mean it's working, but that's not always the case. If you can't get out of bed, or your bowel has shut down, or you feel MORE depressed and sick than you ever have, something isn't right. Serious die-off symptoms should not plague you for 30 days straight. Either cut back, or simply cut it out. Maybe you are missing some other key element that your body needs.

Trust me, if you do the diet on its own, you might have enough die-off symptoms to contend with at the start.

And remember, die off symptoms are not the key signal that you are getting better. Improved health is.

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Don't Take Five Things at Once

If you take a handful of things at one time, you might overload the system. Besides, how will you be able to tell what is actually working for you, and what isn't?

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Be Wary of Promises

If it says it will cure your symptoms completely within days, don't buy it. If it says you can eat whatever you want if you take this, don't buy it. If it tells you that it will work if you also use 5 other sister products from the same company, don't buy it. If it's made by a weightloss company, PLEASE don't buy it.

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Introduce Things Slowly

You may want to take less than the recommended dosage of a product at the start. This way if it makes you sick, you'll have less of a reaction (hopefully).

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Do Your Research

Look up every article you can find on it. Try to find articles printed by people who DON'T sell the product, preferably reputable professionals who have done studies on it. And talk to as many people as you can about it.

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Talk To A Professional

It's best to see someone about your diet before you start adding all these things to it. Maybe a doctor or a naturopath. Someone who knows more than you about it, and who can look at your medical history and make good decisions. I will be adding information to this site that will hopefully help you to find these people.

Having said that, be careful what advice you get and who you get it from. Remember that natural medicine is also a business, and some people may take advantage of you for financial gain.

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Don't Use It For Too Long

Even the best things for us make us sick after a while. CRC sufferers (and other people with digestive disorders) are more prone to becoming intolerant to anything they ingest on a regular basis. You already know you can't eat a food everyday over a long time before your body starts to reject it, so the same goes for food extracts and organic medicines. Try to take a break from it now and then.

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Read The Label

Check the ingredients in a product before you take it. Many things, including vitamins, have sugar or other yeast-feeding ingredients. The last thing you need is to feed the bacteria you are trying to kill.

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And most importantly, remember this:

Everyone is Different.

We all have different symptoms, illnesses, and reactions. What works for one may not work for others. What makes one person sick may not make you sick. It's all a gamble. Don't put your faith into a pill. Even the best medicines need to be backed up with a serious diet.

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