Some Pills Are Hard to Swallow: An Introduction

Here are my thoughts on medicine, natural and otherwise. These are MY opinions based on personal experience, articles I have read and from what others have told me they experienced through the years.

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According to studies, antibiotics helped to ruin our intestinal flora levels in the first place.

People who have problems with digestion, yeast, and inflammation sometimes choose to take antifungals, probiotics, and/or supplements. Before trying ANY of these, I strongly recommend you follow the diet strictly for at least 2-3 weeks. The logic being that people with digestive problems usually have a hard time absorbing nutrients, and they also aren't getting rid of the toxins in their system. It makes no sense to promote more release of toxins and raise the level of dead yeast in your intestines if your body is in no shape to flush them out. Add a case of leaky gut to your problems, and you are just pushing more bad things into your bloodstream.

What I used to get well the first time around:

Nothing but food. I got well on just the diet. Period. I followed a strict diet, I ate foods that promoted good bacteria, and that was all.

I know many people believe they need more than that. And they very well might. And to be honest, I'm always taking a second look at probiotic products and enzymes. So if you have done the diet for a while, and your system is up to the challenge, there is no harm in trying something out if it is done responsibly.

Please read through my guidelines before you try any product.