Foods and the Infamous Psyllium

Psyllium is very popular at the moment. It is said to work very well for moving things through the bowel, cleaning the walls of the intestines as it goes. Some people drink it like a morning milkshake, while others opt for capsules.

HOWEVER (and this is a big HOWEVER) if you have IBS like me and suffer from constipation, or your bowels are inflamed, be careful. Psyllium can ferment in the gut if you are unable to pass it. It can also promote bloating. Psyllium can even be dangerous if you have blockage (scarred tissue, for example) in the bowels.

I suggest that you try other means of getting fibre into the system. Namely through food.

Soluble Fibre vs. Insoluble Fibre

Fibre is the bits of plant cells that you can't digest, and is found in vegetables, cereals, bread, nuts, seeds and fruit.

The debates rage on, even with which fibres you should have. I have the hardest time remembering which is which, and what does what. It doesn't help when every website has a different opinion. It appears that most agree Soluble Fibre is beneficial in one form or another.

WHATEVER fibre you choose to take, make sure you back it up with plenty of liquids. Also, introduce fibre in small amounts to give your body time to adjust.

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