Baking: No Wheat or Gluten

I'm a good cook, but I'm not the best baker. Factor in using alternative flours which are finicky, and you've got a challenge (or a complete mess).

Some Points to Keep in Mind:

1. Alternative flours DO NOT and WILL NOT have the same taste or consistency as all-purpose or wheat flours.

2. Be ready for failure. It's all about experimenting with the amounts of flours/combination of flours until you get it right. I made an apple cake the other day that turned out almost like a pudding inside. My boyfriend thought it was great. "Um. Yes. I meant to do that".

3. Alternative flours can be expensive.

4. Like everything else on this diet, a lot of people disagree with the conversions you should use. I'm posting what I found to be the greatest consensus.


Adding applesauce, pureed berries or yogurt to recipes helps gluten-free cakes, muffins and quick breads stay moist.

I love vanilla. I say double the vanilla in recipes. Gluten-Free flours often have a strange or bitter taster. Vanilla helps to smooth it out. Look for pure vanilla extracts that are organic. These should only have glycerin and vanilla in the ingredients list. Try to avoid vanillas with corn syrup, alcohol and of course, sugar!

So, what flours should I use?